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The Tracheotwist tracheostomy tube provides several major design features not offered by other manufacturers.

Unique features

  • Tracoetwist has a unique swivelling neck plate – anatomically shaped, moving around 2 axes i.e. moving in a horizontal and vertical direction. This allows the patient to turn his neck freely in all directions which helps to reduce pressure problems from movement from the distal end of the tube digging into the tracheal mucosa. The anatomical shaped neck flange ensures a perfect fit onto the neck, again a major comfort feature.
  • Tracoetwist tubes are manufactured from medical grade polyurethane – this material has been proved to be well tolerated by tissue.
  • The Tracoetwist tubes are more flexible compared with other styles of plastic tubes – this material is light and flexible and with body temperature becomes even more supple – contributing to outstanding comfort for the patient.
  • Special consideration has been given to the design and presentation of the fenestration – neat, small diameter openings – which helps reduce the risk of granulated tissue entering the airway, as well as suction catheters penetrating the tracheal wall through the large fenestration's which feature in other brands.
  • Positive locking of the inner cannula is achieved by the Tracoetwist inner cannula in the outer tube housing. The arrow on the 15mm connector indicates correct positioning so confidence is provided that the inner cannula is securely in place – particularly important when using with ventilators.
  • Tracoetwist tracheostomy tubes are suitable throughout the 'life' of the tracheostomy – from initial theatre use – to long term use in the community – as they feature weaning caps, which fit over the outer housing; to speaking valves, which of course allows communication to take place – a vital motivation for all tracheostomised patients.
  • The Tracoetwist tubes are radio opaque and are presented sterile and are individually wrapped.
  • Spare inner cannulas are available in packs of 3.
Tracoetwist swivelling action
Tracoetwist — at last, a tube you and your patients can feel comfortable with
Index of sizes for Tracoetwist tubes
size reference 1. inner diameter of inner cannula (mm) 2. outer diameter of outer cannula (mm) 3. length (mm) curvature
4 4.0 7.2 56 110°
5 5.0 8.6 66 100°
6 6.0 9.2 72 95°
7 7.0 10.4 74 95°
8 8.0 11.4 76 90°
9 9.0 12.5 78 90°
10 10.0 13.8 80 90°


  1. Inner diameter (lumen) in mm at the lower end of the inner cannula
  2. Outer diameter at the lower end of the outer cannula
  3. Length in mm along the middle line from the neck plate to the lower end of the tube



Schematic of a fenestrated cuffless model 304


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