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Tracoetwist Plus tracheostomy tube

The Tracoetwist Plus provides maximum airway flow due to its innovative thinner cannula wall design allowing the anaesthetist / intensivist to use a larger diameter tube when compared with standard tubes.

airflow and tube size comparison charts

The unique features of Tracoetwist Plus

  • A major benefit of the Tracoetwist Plus system is the attention given to maximise the airway/respiratory flow. Tracoetwist Plus tubes feature thinner cannula walls — even with the inner cannula in situ.
  • This means that the Anaesthetist / Intensivist can use a larger inside diameter tube — without increasing the outer diameter — see the tables below.
  • Spare inner cannulas are available in packs of 3.

Extra Length

  • Across all sizes, an additional 11-12mm length will help to stabilise the tube in thicker necks. The extra length will allow the distal end to sit more comfortably in the airway preventing compression against the tracheal wall and so minimising tissue disturbance.

New distal tube end design

  • A closer firmer fit of the inner cannula to the outer cannula, due to shaping of the outer cannula, contributes to a reduced risk of surgical emphysema.
  • The outer cannula has a more rounded and bevelled shape, thereby providing a smoother finish, allowing an easier entry into the stoma.

Easier phonation

  • Unique to the Tracoetwist Plus fenestrated tube is an extra pair of fenestrations on the underside of the cannula. These extra fenestrations will increase airflow around the tube, making phonation easier and contributing to the weaning process.

New style clear neck flange

  • The Tracoetwist Plus neck flange has been carefully designed to reduce flange contact against the neck and therefore reduced pressure. At the same time the slots for the tracheostomy tube holders have been positioned in an upward angle to make access easier when changing the holder.

New Style Inner Cannula

  • To accommodate the extra length the inner cannula system now features a unique secure and safe locking system.
  • This eliminates the locking of an inner cannula which sometimes occurs when connected to ventilator circuits.
  • You cannot remove the inner cannula (nor will it slip) unless you turn the locking ring on the inner cannula. Twisting the 15mm connector will not release the inner cannula — a major improvement in security which has been requested by many users. This will be a major factor in reducing accidental unlocking of the inner cannula.
new inner cannula with unique locking system

New inner cannula with unique locking system

extra fenestrations to improve weaning and phonation

Extra fenestrations to improve weaning and Phonation

the new clear neck flange

The new clear neck flange

improved sealing with the new thinner cuff

Improved sealing with the new thinner cuff

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