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Tracoe Mini

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Neonatal and paediatric tracheostomy tubes

Specially developed for newborn, infants and children.

  • The Tracoe Mini Tracheostomy tubes are the latest in design and offer the widest range of sizes available.
  • Special consideration has been given to the thin wall of the shaft of the tube, to ensure flexibility, smoothness and support — thereby retaining its shape at all time.
  • The obturator features an easy to grip handle, this allows the Tracoe Mini tube to be inserted easily and securely.
  • Smooth tips on the end of the tube and obturator help provide smooth insertion.
  • Each tube is supplied sterile and complete with neck straps.
  • Each tube style is colour coded on the carton to help organize stock and quickly and reliably locate the right tube.


Tracoemini schematic

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