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A range of comfortable, flexible and safe uncuffed tracheostomy tubes. The ideal range for long term use.

Key benefits

  • Tracoe long term tracheostomy tubes from Kapitex are designed to provide the wearer with a comfortable, flexible and safe uncuffed tube.
  • Tracoe tubes come a wide variety of styles and sizes, with and without speaking valves. The tubes are light, flexible – soft, pliable and harmless to tissue and adapt easily to the trachea.
  • Tracoe tubes are made from implant tested medical grade PVC and feature rounded ends which prevent mucosal damage.
  • Being transparent the Tracoe tubes are less noticeable and you can see through the whole length of the cannula.
  • Tracoe tubes do not need to be removed for X ray or cobalt therapy, only the inner tube with speaking valves need to be detached.
  • We have illustrated the main models – but Kapitex can supply special Tracoe tubes for any individual – any size or length can be made.
  • Low profile fittings on the Tracoe tube enables the user to wear tracheostomy filters and protectors in comfort.


  • Safety is a prime concern, and the design of the fenestrations within the Tracoe tubes are neat and smooth.
  • Instead of one large fenestration, these tubes have a group of small holes which will help prevent granulation into the fenestration.
  • Please note all Tracoe tubes with speaking valves are supplied with fenestrations, but tubes can be supplied without fenestrations by special order.

Speaking valves

  • Speaking valves are available in Types 103 and 104 as illustrated. Type 103 with a detachable valve – Type 104 with a swivel valve which can be moved sideways – both types are supplied with a spare inner cannula which can be used at night when the speech facility is not in use.


  • We recommend lubrication with water soluble lubricant, e.g. Glycerin BP. A couple of drops onto the inner cannula will allow smooth entry and easy removal of the inner cannula.

Extra inner cannulas/Speaking Valves

  • Please note: We are able to supply extra inner cannulas only at the time of ordering the set of tubes. Please contact Kapitex Customer Services for prices and details.
neat fenestrations
detachable speaking valve
detachable speaking valve

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