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Moore Tracheostomy Tube

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Long term tracheostomy tube

Allows you to adjust or cut to individual size in a clinical situation!

Delivery comprises

  • flexible in a clinical situation
  • extra length all silicone inner cannula radio opaque
  • inert and non-wetting surface

The Moore tracheostomy tube is an extra long silicone tracheostomy tube with an inner cannula. This flexible tube is designed to conform to individual anatomies.

It is one of the few tubes available which can be adjusted/ cut down to size in a clinical situation.

Produced from radio opaque medical grade silicone the tube offers an inert and non-wetting surface which aids in reducing both crusting and clotting.

Supplied sterile: with an outer cannula, inner cannula, 15mm connector and tracheostomy holder as well as obdurator.

Ideal in the following areas:

  • Provides a secondary airway
  • Acute laryngotracheal injuries
  • To support intrathoracic tracheal stomas
  • Tracheal stenosis
Supplied with outer cannula and inner cannula, 15mm connector and tracheostomy holder and obdurator
Moore tracheostomy tube Moore tubes

Ordering Information

In three sizes
Size Order
Inner dia of outer
cannula (mm)
Outer dia of outer
cannula (mm)
6 TR MTT 0001 115 6.5 11
8 TR MTT 0002 115 7.5 12
10 TR MTT 0003 115 8.5 13

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