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AeroChamber VENT Chamber

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Versatile collapsible chamber

Provides optimum delivery of Metered Dose Inhaler medication.

AeroChamber VENT Chamber is a collapsible chamber designed to be left in the inspiratory limb of a 22mm ventilator circuit. The chamber delivers Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) medication to mechanically ventilated patients.

Efficient Drug Delivery

The ideally sized AeroChamber VENT Chamber allows for the expansion of the aerosol plume and provides optimum delivery of Metered Dose Inhaler medication to the patient.

Highly Versatile

An offset wye adapter allows the AeroChamber VENT Chamber to be used with the Fisher Paykel parallel wye. This versatile chamber can be used with all commonly prescribed MDI canisters, including GSK pMDI products that are equipped with a dose-counter.

Maintain Closed Circuit Integrity

The AeroChamber VENT Chamber can be left in the inspiratory limb of the ventilator circuit. This helps reduce the risk of infection by maintaining a closed circuit. The ergonomically designed chamber is easy to open and close and is designed for maximum patient comfort.

More effective than nebulizers or MDI adapters

AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines recommend the use of MDI with a chamber device1

  • In vitro and in vivo evidence show the combination of MDI and chamber results in a four to six-fold increase in delivery of aerosol over an MDI with adapter

Use of MDI with chamber offers a number of advantages over nebulizers for use in mechanically ventilated patients

  • Less expensive
  • Less time required to administer
  • More effective
  1. AARC Clinical Practice Guideline — Selection of Device, Administration of Bronchodilator, and Evaluation of Response to Therapy in Mechanically Ventilated Patients; Respir Care 1999;44 (1):105-113.

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Aero Chamber VENT Chamber
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TRAVC0001 Valved holding chamber for ventilator circuits – collapsible (for use with MDIs) (pack of 50)

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