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Tonn / Novatech Stent Applicator

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Tracheal & Bronchial Stent Applicator

Developed by Dr. Tonn (Hanover, Germany), the TONN / NOVATECH tracheal and bronchial Stent Applicator facilitates the placement of NOVATECH's tracheobronchial stents Dumon® and GSSTM through a rigid bronchoscope.

Easy to handle, the TONN/NOVATECH Stent Applicator is available in four sizes (BLUE, RED, GREEN AND WHITE) allowing the insertion of silicone stents in a wide range of sizes: Stents with an OD of up to 20mm and a length of up to 160mm (Y-Stents) can be placed. Furthermore Y-Stent insertion is facilitated. The position of the main branch can be determined before insertion, minimising the risk of misplacement and stent damage.

Tonn Novatech stent applicator

Ordering Information

TONN / NOVATECH Stent Applicator
TONN / NOVATECH Stent Applicator for Dumon® and GSST™ Introducer Length (cm) Introducer ID (mm) Ref


32 12.75 OS NOV 0002


42 12.75 OS NOV 0003


42 10.75 OS NOV 0001


42 8.2 OS NOV 0004
Individual components available as spare parts. Please contact us for a quotation.

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