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Paediatric Safe-T-Tube

The Montgomery® Safe-T-Tube™ is designed to maintain an adequate airway as well as to provide support in the stenotic trachea that has been reconstituted or reconstructed. Our exclusive design of ridges and grooves along the extraluminal limb of the tube allows a ring washer to be attached, significantly reducing the possibility of accidental posterior displacement.

The Montgomery® Safe-T-Tube™ is available in five styles — Paediatric, Standard, Thoracic, Extra-long and Tapered — in both clear and radio-opaque models. Safe-T-Tubes™ are easy to insert, suction and remove, and can be used with anaesthesia. Speaking valves to facilitate vocalisation are also available.

In addition, we offer the 4500 Series Hebeler Safe-T-TubeTM, featuring an internal balloon system for adjustable airflow, and the 8200 Series HMS System™, a complete laryngotracheal repair system with inner cannula.

A video educational kit with a CD outlining the Montgomery® Safe-T-Tube™ procedure is available. Please call Customer Services for your copy.

Custom lengths

Special situations require shortened Safe-T-Tube™ limbs. We offer a service to shorten any Safe-T-Tube™ to your exact dimensions and finish the ends with a smooth taper. Please call Customer Services for details.

For those who prefer to customise tubes in the field, we offer the CK 1022 Tube Cutter to create an accurate and straight cut on any diameter Safe-T-Tube™. (Caution: to prevent potential damage to tracheal tissues, cut Safe-T-Tube™ limbs must be smoothed prior to tube insertion).

Montgomery Safe-T-Tube
Montgomery Safe-T-Tube
Montgomery Safe-T-Tube

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