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Dutau - Novatech® Rigid Bronchoscope

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The modular Dutau-Novatech® Rigid Bronchoscope is designed for use in interventional bronchoscopy. It combines innovative features for easier handling and a wide compatibility with essential bronchoscopy instruments.


  • Modular system of universal head and interchangeable tubes
  • Compatible with TONN™/NOVATECH Stent Applicator System of the corresponding color codes for easy placement of silicone stents (DUMON® and GSS™)
  • Compatible with KARL STORZ rigid bronchoscopy instruments (e.g. optical forceps)
  • Good inner/outer diameter ratio for optimized gas exchange
  • Fully dismountable to facilitate state-of-the-art reprocessing


  • Snap-fit connector for fast and easy attachment of tubes
  • Tubes can be attached comfortably in various rotation positions
  • Rotatable anaesthesia port for less tangling of tubes
  • Dual instrument port, e.g. for laser and suction tubes
  • Short head length for optimized total operating length


  • Tubes have an ISO cone connector for direct attachment of anesthesia tube
  • Scale on the tubes: one side even, other side uneven to facilitate measuring of stenoses
  • A mark inside the tube tip helps identify the long end of the tube after rotation.
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Ordering Information

Dutau — Novatech® Rigid Bronchoscope
OSBRD1100 Bronchoscopy Head 02BRD1100
OSBRD1102 Spare part Axial Retainer (included in 02BRD1100) 02BRS1100-2
OSBRD1101 Spare part Ventilation-element (included in 02BRD1100)
OSBRD9901 Spare part O-Ring (included in 10418KT; available as spare part 02BRD9901
OSBRD3514 Bronchial Tube, 35cm, Size 14mm 02BRD3514
OSBRD2514 Tracheal Tube, 25cm, Size 14mm 02BRD2514
OSBRD3512 Bronchial Tube, 25cm, Size 12mm 02BRD3512
OSBRD3511 Bronchial Tube, 35cm, Size 11mm 02BRD3511
OSBRD3509 Bronchial Tube, 35cm, Size 9mm 02BRD3590
OSBRD1120 Lateral Double Port 02BRD1120
OSBRD1110 Injection Cannula 02BRD1110
OSBRD9100 Complete set consisting of head, 5 tubes, instrument guide, inject (jet) cannula 02BRD SET
OSBRD9101 Rubber Cap 02BRD9101 (Pack of 5)
OSBRD9103 Rubber Cap, √ò 3.90mm 02BRD9103 (Pack of 5)
OSBRD9104 Rubber Cap, √ò 7mm 02BRD9104 (Pack of 5)
OSBRD9151 Rubber Cap 02BRD9151 (Pack of 10)
OSBRD9157 Rubber Cap, √ò 2.80mm 02BRD9157 (Pack of 10)
OSBRD9158 Rubber Cap, √ò 3.80mm 02BRD9158 (Pack of 10)
OSBBM1011 Silicon dental protection BM801011 (Pack of 10)

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