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J Carina Stent

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The J Carina stent is used to bridge an anastomotic leakage after pneumonectomy

Because of the matter of urgency we offer you different sizes of the J Carina stents. The J Carina stent is pre-mounted on the reloadable delivery system. For correction of the stent position the stent can be reloaded into the delivery system during the procedure.

  • Stent with complete silicone cover
  • Atraumatic ends
  • Memory effect of Nitinol material — high radial force and flexibility
  • Radiopaque tantalum markers
  • Reloadable delivery system
  • Length 600 mm, OTW
  • Ø 8 mm / 24 French
  • Accepts guide wire 0.035 inch
J Carina

Ordering Information

Leufen Aerstent J Carina, complete Silicone cover
OSL JC1630 J Carina: Trachea 16:30, Bronchus right 12:30
OSL JC1840 J Carina: Trachea 18:40, Bronchus right 14.30  
OSL JC2050 J Carina: Trachea 20:50, Bronchus right 14:30

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