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With touch to close fasteners for easier application

Lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive protection featuring the unique Hydrolox® 1 Foam. With touch to close fasteners for easier application.

Laryngofoam filters offer the laryngectomee lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive protection. The filters warm, moisten and filter the incoming air and can be applied in seconds.

  • Laryngofoam filters are held securely in place by a hypoallergenic adhesive strip.
  • The simplicity and effectiveness of this product ensures its popularity throughout the world with laryngectomees in all climates and conditions.
  • Laryngofoam has excellent moisture transfer properties which means better humidification within the trachea for breathing comfort and confidence.
  • Soft rounded edges are a unique feature of the Laryngofoam range.
  • Available in both white and beige colours, Laryngofoam foam filters are supplied in packs of 30. Use 1-2 per day as necessary.
The only filters with Hydrolox® 1 Foam 30% better moisture capacity than any other leading european filter foam Available on NHS Prescription

Ordering Information

Order Number Description (mm) Colours Pack Quantity
LA LFF 0001 Laryngofoam — 51mm w x 65mm h x 4mm White Pack of 30
LA LFF 0003 Laryngofoam — 51mm w x 65mm h x 4mm Beige Pack of 30
LA LFF 0023 Laryngofoam — 65mm w x 65mm h x 4mm Large Beige Pack of 30

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