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Buchanan Lite

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Permanent Lightweight Tracheostomy Protectors

High quality laryngectomy & tracheostomy protectors delivering proven filtration and heat moisture exchange benefits. Buchanan® Lite - Combining essential airway protection and comfort!

The Buchanan Lite Laryngectomy / Tracheostomy Protector has been introduced to offer a wider choice to Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy patients. We recognise that Stoma Protectors need to give the wearer confidence, not only in 'looking good', but also in its airway protection performance.

  • Fine filtration
  • Moisture retention
  • Heat / warmth transfer into the trachea

The special needs of neck breathers are well served with the Buchanan Lite Protector wearing the right protection over the neck stoma is essential for lung protection and comfort. Kapitex have designed the Buchanan Lite Protector to provide a modern, lightweight and attractive medical device to give Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy wearers confidence and the airway protection they need!

Available in three colours, white, blue and beige in two sizes, large and small Available on NHS Prescription
44% better moisture retention than other covers!
Featuring the new Ezi-Tie® adjusters for increased comfort

Ordering Information

Order Number Dimensions (mm) Sizing Colour Pack Quantity  
LA BLT 1001 225 mm x 185 mm Large White Pack of 10 Buy
LA BLT 1002 225 mm x 185 mm Large Blue Pack of 10 Buy
LA BLT 1003 225 mm x 185 mm Large Beige Pack of 10 Buy
LA BLT 2001 140 mm x 115 mm Small White Pack of 10 Buy
LA BLT 2002 140 mm x 115 mm Small Blue Pack of 10 Buy
LA BLT 2003 140 mm x 115 mm Small Beige Pack of 10 Buy

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